Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog Post 1100

Quickly enough, I have reached the 1,100 milestone for blog posts. Interestingly, five of my previous posts continue to rank highest in overall views. The data hasn't changed much since I posted about that before.

Number One: Bulges and Breeches. Often people use a search engine to look for images from Tom of Finland, and end up here.

Number Two: Where Do You Find Masculine Gay Guys? Searching for masculine gay men is a common occurrence, and this blog post is most frequently found. It does not provide all of the answers, but addresses issues about masculine gay men that some people may not have thought about.

Number Three: How To Tell If You Have Vintage Frye Boots. There are a lot of searches for information about those classic and nostalgic boots.

Number Four: Cowboy Boots and Jeans. I am convinced: there is an obsession among many people about how to wear cowboy boots with jeans. Lots and lots of people use search engines to inquire whether someone should or should not wear jeans tucked into cowboy boots, as well as what "stacked jeans" means and what kind of jeans to get.

Number Five: Best Motorcycle Boots. Again, it is my opinion that Chippewa Firefighter Boots serve superbly as motorcycle boots, and fit the current custom and style of today's biker.

It has been fun blogging, and I'll keep at it. I notice what others look for, but my life is complex and fulfilling, so I blog about a lot of different things -- not just leather or gay life or cowboy boots or motorcycle boots. As I was telling someone via email recently, "I have a life." Yes, I do, and it is reflected, in part, on this blog.

Thank you, my loyal blog readers, for visiting. Come back soon!

Life is short: keep blogging!

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