Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sale On New Custom Wesco Boots

I received an email from Stompers Boots yesterday that said:

Wesco Boots sent us an email that for two days only, March 10 and March 11, they are having a 25% off sale on custom order options for their boots.

For example, if you want a leather lined boot option, then instead of paying  the regular $99.00 cost, the leather lining will be $75.00.

To take advantage of this flash special, go to, custom design your boots on the demo build. Copy and paste the results, and send to  Ken will then send back an email with the Wesco discount, the Stomper's 10% discount off of Wesco's standard prices and the "Ken2011" Coupon special offer -$25.00 off for the price on orders over $200.00 during the month of March, and a special link to order your boots.

The cut off for this offer is 6:00 PM California Time, on Friday March 11, 2011. Payments sent after this time will not qualify for this special offer. 

Wow, that's a great deal for someone who has always wanted to get a new pair of custom Wesco boots for a great price. I definitely recommend it for the Wesco-oriented guys and gals out there.

Will I order a pair of new Wesco boots? Personally, I am working hard at maintaining my sales resistance. As much as I want to support my favourite Boot Store, Stompers, I know in my heart (and in my boot closet) that owning and wearing 12 pairs of Wesco boots is sufficient :-).

While I did receive a substantial income tax refund, I have been a very good boy and put that away into a savings account for future rainy days. While I love boots, and motorcycle riding season is just around the corner, I really have to admit that I have "sufficient." I have to keep repeating that to myself, but so far, I am doing well. So far...

Life is short: order your Wesco Boots from Stompers on March 10 or 11 for terrific savings!

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