Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family Support Where It Counts!

When I went to my state capital yesterday to talk to some elected officials about a same-sex marriage bill pending before our House of Delegates, I was joined by six siblings, 22 nieces and nephews, seven great nieces and nephews who got out of school with a note from their parents, and 24 -- count 'em -- 24 cousins!  This all came about by the action of my twin brother who lives in France. He sent an email (without my knowledge) to the family and look who showed up to support me!  I was completely flabbergasted. An "army" -- literally -- of my family makes a formidable presence! Grrrrr!

Here is how I discovered the family entourage:

Since public parking is not available anywhere near the capital building, visitors are directed to park in a remote parking lot and take a shuttle bus into town. When I parked in that remote lot and walked to the bus shelter, standing there were 10 of my family. Huh? Where'd you come from? Why are you here? "We're here for you." I tell 'ya, tears began to well up.

When the bus dropped us off in front of the Capitol Building, I saw more of my family. I turned around and there were even more walking toward me. The next bus rolled up and more of my family got off that bus. My family is not the political-action-oriented type, but there they were.

It was crowded and ugly on the streets of our state capital yesterday. Hundreds of people had been bussed in from out-of-state to lobby against this bill. Okay, wasn't it in yesterday's post that I was waving the flag and saying how great it was to live in a messy Democracy? Yeah, that may be true, but I get hugely annoyed when people who do not even live in our state are brought in to try to influence legislation that affects residents of our state and not them. It's downright unfair. It's legal, but unfair.

Well, anyway, my family asked me, "what do we do now?" ... off we went to the House Office Building, through security, and then knocking on doors of the offices of our respective Delegates while dodging negative noodles everywhere we went. I swear, one guy was speaking neanderthal-ese, he sounded so confusing and his bigotry was only exceeded by the vile hatred dripping from his nostrils. Ugggghhhh....

We had our say... with as many of our Delegates as we could see, or their staff if the Delegate wasn't available (or not interested) in seeing us.

Despite the negativity surrounding me while I was there, I still had a very positive charge about my family being there to support my partner and me. I've said it before and I will say it again: I have a large family and even though we have had our differences, they show up when it counts. They support us and by being there yesterday, they showed us that they care. Their passionate pleas are not self-serving as my pleas could be interpreted.

How blessed I am to be embraced by such a warm, wonderful, thoughtful and caring family. Especially by my twin brother, who lives far away but is always closest in my heart.

Life is short: show those you love that you love them!

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Anonymous said...

My dear brother, your life and happiness is incredibly important to us, your family. You lead an incredible example of caring tenderness and leadership that I admire and treasure. It was my pleasure to nudge our family into action. I am thrilled to learn from your blog that it worked!

I am so sorry that matters are so ugly about this situation.

We love you and your partner as full members of our family. Always.

Ore e sempre,