Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tactically Booted

When I went to Puerto Rico, all the men who I worked with were dressed in lightweight BDUs and tactical boots.  While my Chippewa Firefighter Boots were comfortable and suitable for the terrain, they were not quite the right boot for field work.

Upon return home, I looked at the combat/tactical boots in my boot closet.  The boots that I have are "old-school" military jump boots.  I wore them a lot when I went skydiving back in the day. But honestly, those boots are hell on the feet. They are hard to wear, especially all day long in hot sun.

These days, modern tactical boots are made of a combination of materials:  leather uppers with nylon shafts, and waffle soles.  (My partner will like that part... waffle soles don't get mud caked in them to dry out and be left in clods all over the house.  Oooops....)

I have several pairs of BDUs, or utility pants. Lots of pockets and made of a cotton/poly blend that dries quickly if it gets wet.  The material also washes easily.

So I took the hint from my colleagues in Puerto Rico. I did my homework, and selected a pair of Belleville Air Force Tactical Boots. They are standard military spec, 8" high, and in sage green. (I didn't want the desert tan version; I am not in the Army and I am not going on field assignment in the desert.) What I particularly like about these boots (besides their comfort) is that once you lace them up, you do not have to lace them again. Each boot has a zipper on the side which makes it easy to pull them on and take them off.

I found them for sale from an on-line military boot supplier that happened to be having a sale the day I landed on their website. I snagged 'em, and soon enough the Man-In-Brown brought them to my doorstep. A few days later, I checked the supplier's website, and found these same boots were priced US$20 more than what I paid for them, so I truly think it was a short-term sale that I was fortunate to find.

Now I am "tactically booted" for my next field assignment... whenever and wherever it may be.  I anticipate (eventually) a trip to the far outer reaches of the United States Domain, waaaaaaaaaaay out in the Pacific.  These boots will travel well and be comfortable for all-day use on rough terrain.

I have already worn them while taking my loooooong morning walks. They are very comfortable. Almost feel like sneakers (if I knew what sneakers felt like; I have not worn sneakers since gym class in junior high school.)

Life is short:  choose the right boots for the right application!

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