Friday, March 18, 2011

What Should I Do With My New Cowboy Boots

Ah, Google, you never cease to bring me amusement when you reveal what questions people enter into your search engine.

What should I do with my new cowboy boots?

Of course, the simple answer is: wear them.

Perhaps this person is wondering how to break them in? Answer: wear them.

Perhaps he wants to know how to keep them in good shape? Answer: keep them clean, polish them if they are all leather, and avoid damaging them by getting them (soaking) wet or scuffed by knocking them against concrete steps or other obstructions.

Perhaps she wants to know if she should wear them every day? Answer: no, have at least one other pair of boots, and let your new boots get some air between wearings so the sweat that naturally builds up and absorbs into the lining of boots (and the foot pads) evaporate. Some people refer to this as "rotating boots." I do not mean turning them around and around (I actually was asked that once), but I mean giving them a chance to "breathe" between wearings.

Perhaps he is wondering where to wear them? Answer: everywhere. To work with dress clothes, and casually with jeans. Just wear them.

If he is a boot fetishist, he doesn't need advice from me and I'll keep that stuff out of this G-rated blog (giggle.)

So what should someone do with new cowboy boots? Answer: WEAR THEM!

Life is short: wear boots!

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