Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have had two "Eureka!" moments yesterday. I think the term dates back to Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and physicist. It means, "I have found it." Albert Einstein is often given credit for this expression, but Archimedes beat him to it by 1,750 years (give or take).

Foolery and bad attempts at humor aside, my two "Eureka!" moments were:

1. Arriving in Eureka, California. They're right, this place is not anything like the rest of California. As the locals say, they consider themselves more aligned with Oregon and Washington, or "the southern end of the Pacific Northwest." Before my Canadian friends get their knickers in a twist, I will confine this expression to the Pacific Coast of the Northwestern United States.

2. Participating in a meeting among very dedicated, committed professionals who want to learn how to apply lessons learned from a recent major emergency toward future application to enhance public safety. Listening to their discussion, I was fascinated and admired great passion. I was pleased to be recognized for my past work in this field, and my thoughts and opinions were eagerly sought in the discussion, which was quite lively and animated, but very on-target and ... well... "fascinating."

I love my job. Tomorrow, I will conduct a training class for newer-but-eager people who wish to join the effort. That will be ... "fascinating."

Oh, how was I dressed, you ask? Beige fatigues in combat boots and a denim shirt (with a logo of my employer). I am delighted that my field work does not require dressing up. I am even more delighted that my work at my office doesn't require dressing up beyond slacks and a collared shirt. I have long outgrown patience with the jacket and tie foolishness. I can be the flaky academic who gets by with a more casual and comfortable choice of apparel.

Life is short: keep it fascinating!

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