Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can I Come See Your Boot Collection?

From time to time, I receive messages complimenting the size, quality, and variety of boots in my collection. I appreciate that. Follow-up email has asked if a visit to see my boot collection could occur.

My response is, "sorry, don't take it personally, but no."

I do not have visitors other than family into my home, and family visits are few and far between. My partner is a very private man and detests (word selected for a reason) having people over. I will not have visitors when he is not at home. While he trusts me, having "Bootmen" come to my home is suggestive of interest in something beyond my boots. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. It's best to avoid anything like that.

Plus, while most of my boots are in my Boot Closet, there are others in my bedroom closets and a few other places here and there in my home. I'm not going to have someone parade through my house and look in my closets. While I have nothing to hide, a bedroom is a private space, and I don't bring anyone other than my partner into our bedroom.

'Nuf said. Thanks for the compliments and your interest. You can see all of my boots on my website.

Life is short: define your limits, and live within the established "house rules."

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