Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday Night--Music for Snuggling

When I get home on Friday evening after the weekly family dinner, my partner is there, waiting for me in our basement media room. I built this room especially for him. He loves to watch HD television and listen to the sound on a 7.1 surround system. This is one way he relaxes when he can't go outside to our gardens.

A few months ago, we bought an HD Tivo. This most recent product in the Tivo lineup allows recording of HD television shows and has some additional neat features. Since my partner subscribes to Netflix to send DVDs to his mother to keep her entertained, we can access "on demand" movies from Netflix. Occasionally we will watch one on a Saturday or Sunday evening.

But Friday night when I get home is "our snuggle time." We turn the lights down low, and hold each other close. This isn't a time to watch some mindless brain-numbing recorded TV show. It's our time to enjoy sound and share our musical interests with each other.

Often we will queue up some favourite CDs and sit back wrapped in each other's arms, close our eyes, and drift into dreamspace. However, I recently discovered that this new Tivo can also play videos from YouTube. Lately, instead of listening to a CD, we will search through and play music videos that are available from YouTube. The quality of the sound is terrific and the visual display is great -- provided the quality of the original recording is good.

Life is short: hold the one you love close and show him how much you love him.

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