Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey, Dad

Today, April 28, is the date when my father died so many years ago. I remember that day clearly, though I'd rather not. And it was a Tuesday... just like today. My sister woke me up, told me the news about how he had died a few hours earlier at the hospital, and took me and my siblings who were at home to her house.

Rather than be morose, I decided that today of all days, I would remember my Dad and the things he liked to do and share with us kids.

I made arrangements a few weeks ago to eat lunch at his old office, though I don't know anyone there now. I will go visit the reservoir where we used to go fishing, and skip a rock. I will sit in our garden and admire God's handiwork. My Dad didn't have much of a green thumb, but he loved to spend time in the garden. He would love what my partner has done with ours.

I will communicate with my family, and share our love. I'll drop by the cemetery, and bring some flowers that he and Mom liked. I'll sit cross-legged and have a chat with him about life.

I have benefited a great deal from my Dad, in learning, loving, caring, thinking, and yeah: smiling. Thanks Dad for everything -- especially for sharing your smile and encouraging us to do so, too.

Life is short: if your Dad is alive, give him a call, pay him a visit and give him a hug, let him know you're thinking of him. Don't wait for just Father's Day: your Dad is your father every day. Say those magic words: "I love you." It really means a lot.

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking of Dad today, too. I am sitting in the office he used in the 1960s here in Paris, and have his photo on my desk. Thanks for remembering Dad. I see the results of his work every day. We all should be justly proud.

I love you,