Thursday, April 23, 2009

Website Milestone

I uploaded new photos on my website over the last weekend. These photos were of the assembly of a full leather suit.

Whenever I create a new web page or upload photos, I run a scan of the full site to make sure that I didn't accidentally write errant code which would result in an image or page not displaying properly. The software I use to scan the site also counts all of the images that are on it.

This week, the number of photos on my website broke the 5,000 mark. Not bad for a personal site!

What are the most visited pages and viewed photos on my website? Not hard to guess if you think about it: galleries of motor officers. Interestingly, the next most-visited pages are my tutorials -- how to wear cowboy boots, then the detailed Guides on motorcycle police patrol boots, motorcycle boots (in general) and my Complete Guide to Leather Gear. I remain amazed at just how many people visit my website and go to certain pages directly by using search engines, primarily Google. That search engine drives 80% of my site's visitors to it each day, on average.

And my best buddy AZ will be interested, amused, chagrined, befuddled, or amazed to know that his web page on my site is also among the most frequently visited. That's no surprise, though, considering who he is.

I am observing that what was once a way to organize and virtually display my boot collection and leather gear has evolved, morphed, or changed over the last year, in particular, as I have added my own version of tutorials, galleries, and displays that lots of people look for, and have commented from time to time that they think is helpful advice from a guy who has been around the block once or twice. I see myself changing my website into more of an "information/reference service" than a "see my boots" display as it began. I continue to learn, and appreciate your feedback.

Life is short: enjoy your visit!

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