Friday, April 3, 2009

Leatherman Transformation

How it is when I get home from work and don't have to go to an evening meeting.

And yeah, I built the shelves in the background and my partner finished them. Since I built our house, we put in a lot of built-in features throughout, which makes it comfortable, livable, and practical. People have asked, "where do you store all those boots?" When you build your own house, you plan for storage, so the boot closet was part of what we constructed, as well.

Of the many reasons why I love my partner, two things come to mind: he enjoys and welcomes my many "leatherman transformations" at home, even if he isn't into leather and boots as I am. Second, he supported my decision to take a five-month leave-of-absence from my old job when I was building our house and developing out our small neighborhood, and provided me the financial and emotional support I required during that process. I'll never, ever, do that again (dealing with the bureaucracy in developing a small neighborhood took five years and cause me to turn gray among other things), but I couldn't have done it without his partnership, love, and all those many back-rubs.

Life is short: wear your boots and leather!

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Tef said...

Those are the AA Patrol Boots, aren't they? ;)