Monday, April 13, 2009

How Cold Is Cold?

While it was sunny yesterday, the predictions for warmer weather were wrong. It was 38°F (3°C) when we went to sunrise mass in the morning, and by 8am, when we were going to get on the Harley to go on our first family visit, it was only 42°F (5.5°C). My brother declined the invitation to join me as a passenger, and I could understand why. The bunny costume wasn't insulated (LOL!)

We took the truck instead. I left him with a sister while I returned home, leathered up (including my All American Patrol Boots), hopped on the Harley, and joined my club to ride sweep which I had promised to do. My LAPD leather breeches are fully lined, and were warm and comfortable. Several layers of clothing under my Motocross jacket kept me warm on the topside, as well as warm gloves and a full-face helmet.

The ride was great. By the time it was done, I checked the temperature and it wasn't that much warmer -- only 50°F (10°C). I called my brother and he said that he really didn't want to go on the bike to see our other family. I could understand, but I still called him a wuss. He took it good-naturedly. I took the bike home, changed out of biker leathers into light leather jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, pulled on my Dehner dress-instep patrol boots and pulled the leather jeans down over them, got into the truck and reconnected with my brother. We visited the rest of the family and enjoyed a nice dinner at another sister's house with her family.

So the bunny surprise didn't quite happen, but we had fun anyway. And my brother, bless him, is a WUSS! You heard it here first!

Life is short: wear your leather! (so you don't wuss out on a motorcycle ride on a sunny day, even if it is cold!)

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Anonymous said...

I am NOT a wuss just because I can't wear a warm coat inside a bunny costume!

You're a wuss for falling asleep at 8 on Friday night. I mean, heck, you picked me up at 2 in the morning that day, and we didn't get to your house until 3:30. But noooooo... you HAD to wake up at o-dark-30 so that's why you said you were so tired that you fell asleep so early and I had to drive you home.

You're the wuss, Mr. wuss!

Love you,