Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Re-Doin' the Blog - Updated

Hey, you've noticed that the appearance of this blog is quite different. I finally took the plunge to update the template of this blog so that I could use some of the newer features of Blogger. All my stuff is still here, but over the next few days and weeks, you may see some more minor tweaks here and there to colors, fonts, and layouts.

I decided to change the color scheme in a major way, after receiving the third complaint in as many weeks that reading white letters on black background was hard for some to see. That's gone. Anything else? Let me know.

Update: How do you like the new header? That's ME! One of the many new features available to me now by updating the Blogger template. Just wait... more to come over time.


Anonymous said...

This is very nice! The new look is sleeker and visually appealing.


Anonymous said...

Having quite liked white-on-black, I must admit your new look is making me feel distinctly dowdy!