Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sheplers Tempts the Bootman

I wear cowboy boots every day when I go to work and when I'm not on my Harley. I have found that Sheplers, one of the western wear businesses that's been around for a long time (both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the Internet), is able to get boot manufacturers to offer an exclusive line or style of boots through them, and them alone. You can't find these boots from competitors (as best I can tell). I also discovered that Sheplers will feature these new styles in their printed catalog (one of the few companies that still prints a catalog) before they will put them on their website.

I received the latest Shepler's catalog the other day, and as usual, I glanced through it with the full intention of just pitching it in the recycling can, when not one, not two, but three pairs of cowboy boots caught my eye.

What do you think? Which pair should I get, if I break down and get a pair? They're all nice, and I'd like to have them all but even this Bootman has his limits. Share your opinion: (1) The Nocona Caiman Tail? ... or (2) the Lucchese 1883 Full Quill Ostrich? ... or (3) the Dan Post Caiman Tail Wingtips?
Ugggh... the trials of a Bootman.

Update: Your opinion counted! 11 visitors to this blog voted in an on-line poll that I created, asking for help in making a choice of which boots to get. Six of the votes were for the Lucchese full quill ostrich boots (2 for Nocona Caiman tail, 1 for Dan Post wingtips, and 2 for "none of these.") Thanks for the input. The order was placed for the Luccheses. I was leaning that way myself, and the votes confirmed my thinking.

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