Friday, June 10, 2011

Linking to .jpgs

I found a way to determine what websites are linking to images directly on my website. When they do that, it causes my photos to appear as if they are theirs, and "charges" me for transfer -- that is, it places a call on my web resources for one of my images to appear elsewhere -- and "charges" my website each time one my pictures appears somewhere else.

Now that I know how to detect that, I also have come up with a way to stop it. I simply change the file name of the image on my website and adjust the code on my website that calls for it. Thus, it is available, as always, on my site, but disappears from the other site.

I also learned how to block certain followers. Sure, I enjoy having public followers, but I had one begin to follow me last week, and when you clicked on his profile, it led you to a website that was promoting products for sale. This is a very sneaky way of doing what I don't allow in comments: embedding a link to a commercial website from this blog. When I see that happening, I remove it and block it. I do not allow third-party marketing of any sort from this blog (unless I write it myself!)

I don't like it when people are sneaky. I'll continue to actively monitor such behavior, and do what I can to prevent it. You want to see images on my website? Fine -- then visit my website. You want an image of mine on your site? Hello? ASK ME. I'll probably say yes, but please ask, don't behave like a lowly scumbag and steal it. Thanks.

Life is short: act honorably.

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