Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post 1200 and other news

More quickly than I thought, I have reached the 1,200th post on this blog -- pretty good since I've only been writing and posting on this blog since January, 2008. I have followed other blogs and am disappointed when they stop, as many of them have. I give kudos to fellow blogger Roland who started a blog a few months after I did, and keeps at it. Way to go, Roland! WescoBear blogs often, too, but I have stopped visiting his blog because I won't sit through advertising to read it.

I understand why bloggers stop blogging -- it takes a concerted effort to think of new content and to write new material -- and for me, to write and post every day. I have welcomed the occasional guest blog post, and remain open to more guest posts that have to do with boots, leather, biker gear, motorcycle riding, and being a normal, sensible, rational, monogamously partnered gay man among the mixed and unwashed masses (giggle.)

Speaking of the partner ... a news update. He and I saw his neurosurgeon. Yes, he has a brain tumor. No, it's not malignant. Yes, he will require surgery. No, not now. I will be administering some treatments as his doctor showed me to reduce the acoustic neuroma behind his left ear, and then the doc will take it out in September. Wish partner well. Having brain surgery is a scary thought, though it could have been worse.

Life is short: keep blogging and care for those you love by showing them how you care by doing something for them.

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rolandtaylorjr said...

Thanks, BHD! and congratulations on your milestone post! You're right though. There ate times when I do run out of ideas to blog about, and sometimes I've gone three or four days without posting anything. Plus, I do know how you feel about these online advertise that you can't fast forward through. Sometimes when I watch or some YouTube videos, I do get tired of seeing the same ads over and over.