Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Million

I am amazed... according to my statistical logs that track my website, yesterday the "three millionth" visitor came to my site.

The vast majority of visitors are driven by search engine results. I am amazed and pleased that many pages of my site get ranked within the top 10 by Google -- without my even trying. Lots and lots of guys (and women) look for information about vintage Frye boots, cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, and leather gear, while some obsess about whether to wear jeans inside cowboy boots or not. Many others enjoy photos of motorcycle police events about which I have posted a number of galleries.

My website got started in early 2005 -- first on "free space" offered by my ISP -- then I migrated it to its own domain and web host in April, 2006. That is when I began to collect statistics. (A previous blog post describes why I created the site in the first place.)

In the first partial year, I had "only" about 20,000 visitors. But as the years moved along and the website expanded from about 20 static pages to now over 780 pages (included over 360 on the "Boots Wiki"), from about 200 pics to now about 8,000 -- the site gets a lot of traffic. But I'm still amazed that has happened, considering it is only a hobby site.

Happy Three Millionth, The original, the one and only, and not to be confused with my friend's YouTube channel by the same name. (That's okay, C, I forgive 'ya and know where to direct the occasional person who confuses the two of us, and enjoy our annual visits.)

PS: Congratulations to a visitor from Gottmadingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, who was the one who visited my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots and tripped the log counter to the 3M mark.

Life is short: wear boots!

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