Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Do Gay Mens Boots Look Like?

Once again, an internet search asking, "What Do Gay Mens Boots Look Like?", directed a visitor to this blog, specifically, here: "Why Do Gay Guys Like to Wear Boots?"

I've quit trying to figure out why people look up stuff like this, but nonetheless, there they go ... again ... and here's my reply.

First of all, gay men who wear boots choose to wear boots like any other guy who's man enough to wear them. If you have to obsess about what "gay mens boots look like" (perhaps because you're afraid that you don't make a "mistake" of wearing a pair of boots that will cause people to question your sexual orientation) ... then just go put on a pair of flip-flops or crocs.

Second, in all honesty, there are no particular styles of boots that gay men prefer over any others. I can say that from a base of knowledge: I am gay and I wear boots. So what?

Some gay guys like tall boots, some like shorter boots. Some gay men like cowboy boots. Some like motorcycle boots -- heck, some of us like (and wear) both styles. Some gay men like boots with a Cuban or underslung heel, while others like boots with higher heels, low heels, or composite heel/sole combinations. Some like "retro Beatle boots" or platform boots or cavalry boots or jump boots or lace-up boots or Timberland work boots or logger boots or police patrol boots or tactical boots or military boots or ... you get the picture: Uh-oh! That means that you will find all kinds of "gay mens boots" or (more likely): gay men wearing different types and styles of boots.

'nuf said. Gay men are like anyone else. If a gay guy likes to wear boots, his boots will look like anyone else's -- cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, harness boots, engineer boots, classic Frye boots... whatever. Boots are boots and men are men, and some men wear boots and some guys obsess too much.

... end of rant.

Life is short: wear boots.

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