Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Sneakers, Sandals, or Leather

As typically happens this time of year, we are in a full-bore summer heat and humidity onslaught. Air temperatures for the past few days have been in the "feels like" range of about 100°F (38°C), with relative humidity in the range of 50% to 70%. It doesn't take long when exposed to this heat and humidity that one begins to sweat profusely and it saps all energy.

As I look around at my neighbors and others in my home town, I see many are wearing lightweight, comfortable clothing, which usually includes shorts, sneakers, and sandals (or those heinous flip-flops or crocs). I understand why they choose lightweight attire. It really is hot out there.

As for me, I am "dressing light" too -- lightweight cotton twill pants for work with a short-sleeve cotton shirt.

What am I wearing on my feet? Boots, of course. I am riding my Harley every day both commuting to my office as well as running errands after work. Always, always: long pants and sturdy motorcycle boots. I am not among the Darwin-Award winners who choose to put on sneakers with shorts and climb aboard a heavyweight motorcycle.

When I get home, and will be home for the evening, I may just run around inside my house in a pair of shorts -- nothing else. While I enjoy wearing leather, this is not the season. I do get leather out of my gear closet from time to time, though, to clean it and treat it, so it will be ready for the times I will wear it when it's cooler.

Meanwhile, I'm being practical and trying to keep cool.

Life is short: wear long pants and boots when riding a motorcycle, despite whatever temperature it is outdoors.

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