Monday, June 20, 2011

Lugged Fryes Go for a Ride

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was given a pair of new Frye campus boots by a cousin who thought that I coul weather them while riding my motorcycle. Well... after having Vibram 100 lug soles added to them, I could.

Sunday found me going on a motorcycle ride with a group of buds, wearing those new-to-me Frye boots with new-to-them deep lug soles. Unlike the leather you see on my legs in this photo, I wore these Frye boots with regular blue jeans and a t-shirt, as it was warm and humid, so it wasn't leather weather.

We had a good ride. The boots enjoyed it, too. (Though, as usual, no one said a word about the boots. Seldom does that happen, especially to a biker. I mean, most people expect bikers to be wearing boots, so why would anyone say anything?)

Life is short: go for a ride!

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