Tuesday, August 24, 2010

90-lbs of Sister in 180-lbs of Cowhide

Question: why would my little sister put on my new, tough, thick cowhide biker chaps?

Answer: because she wanted to ride on my Harley, yet her pants were so thin that the heat from the bike was hurting her legs.

Here's the story. My little sister asked me to pick her up on my Harley at the Metro station, then go visit our aunt, then go to another sister's house for the regular Friday night family dinner.

When I arrived at the Metro station, I saw that sis had on a pair of dress slacks that were thin. I was a little concerned, but she hopped on the back of the bike, donned a helmet, and said, "let's go!" Off we went.

The visit with our aunt was great, but as we were leaving her home, sis explained that her legs were feeling really hot from the heat of the bike's exhaust.

I offered to take her to my local K-Mart to get some jeans. When we arrived in the store's parking lot, she was changing her mind and suggested we go back to my house and get the truck and use that to go to our other sister's for dinner. But as this sister is known to do, she changed her mind again and said, "I'm having too much fun. I want to ride on your Harley!"

That's when I said, "well, I have a pair of chaps in the saddle bag. You want to see if they will protect your legs while we ride?"

Well, there she is, all wrapped in custom-made chaps in my size. She is half my size and half my weight soaking wet. (That's why I call her my "little" sister, even though she's four years older). She and I both laughed our heads off. But it worked...she was safe and enjoyed the ride to Outer Slobbovia to sister's house for dinner. The family saw our arrival and roared.

We are all still laughing. What one does for family.

Life is short: protect those you love and show them you love them!


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It might not be too long before she decides to get a pair of chaps of her own and take you up on the offer to ride more often!


Anonymous said...

Does she know her photo is on your blog? Man, she's gonna beat the crap outta you when she sees you next! Good luck with that!