Monday, August 16, 2010


Yep, happens every year just about this time. I am taking some time to share my birthday with my twin brother, to ride motorcycles together, to share joy with family and friends, and to rejuvenate my soul.

Unfortunately, a police-escorted ride to lunch yesterday didn't happen, because it was raining all day. My partner arranged with some of the local police officers with whom I work in civic activities to ride over and take me to lunch. They were supposed to arrive on their police bikes and ride with me to the restaurant on a nominal "police escorted" ride. (Due to department procedure changes, they couldn't officially stop traffic in taking lil' ol' me to lunch while I was riding my bike. But it was the thought that counts. I mean, how many guys get four police officers to take him to lunch?)

However, considering the rain, all four of them showed up in a large truck that one of them owns, and took me with them. That was nice enough. I enjoyed lunch with them and some other friends who joined us.

A family tradition is that the "birthday boy" gets to pick what he wants for dinner on his birthday. My tradition since I've been together with my partner is to request Maryland steamed crabs -- nothin' better (though I admit, I have to wash off the spice. Don't threaten to have my "Maryland" license forfeited, since Old Bay is a mandatory requirement on Chesapeake blues. I wish my colitis understood.)

This afternoon, we'll be pickin' crabs and spinnin' yarns and relaxing on the deck among the flies and the beer with the bestest brother a guy could have, the most best partner a guy could have, the wonderfulest sister-in-law a guy could have, and all the smiles one could ever want.

And to Tef and all my other English teachers: please accept advanced apologies for killing the language in the para above with the superest superlatives. I affirm that I wrote this alcohol-free.

BTW, my brother gets to pick his birthday dinner tomorrow. Since I am four minutes older, I have "seniority" and get to have my birthday dinner on my actual birthday, while "little" brother gets his own special celebration on the next day. That's how my family has always done it -- we each have our own special day and our own party as we want it. We were raised to be individuals, even though we happen to have been born on the same date. Our parents were quite thoughtful, weren't they?

Life is short: enjoy it!

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