Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Doo-Doo!

I was served a subpoena to appear in court yesterday as a witness in a civil matter between two neighbors who are in dispute about, of all things, doggy doo-doo. Oh cripes! Thus the challenge of being a community leader. I feel great regret that I wasn't able to encourage these neighbors to resolve their issues civilly between themselves without having to have a judge do it for them.

On came my dressy Nocona blue full-quill ostrich boots with a pair of dress pants, dress shirt, and a "spot" of leather -- my maroon leather tie. Damn it was hot! Choking in that noose made me sweat a lot -- but because I had to do a quick 10-block trip to a drug store to get medicine for "Dog A" which was present in court as "evidence" (seriously, I kid you not!) "Dog A's" owner is disabled, and the doggy was suffering an asthma attack because the air quality was poor. I couldn't let "Dog A" suffer so badly, and if getting a children's antihistamine would help relieve it's symptoms, off I marched in the heat to get the drug. It actually worked!

One of my friends is a local police officer. I griped a bit about this court date with him a few days ago. He told me stories about appearing in court on both civil and criminal matters that made my head spin. I don't know how cops have the patience to deal with all the dumb stuff that some people do. My short court visit is nothing compared with what he has to do on a regular basis for his job. So I'll quit my bitchin'.

Civility in today's society is lost. People are quick to yell, scream, and behave like total and complete idiots -- then file a civil complaint for a judge to decide. Such a waste of time for the judicial branch of government. I am so sad. We have to be better than this.

However, that is one reason why I refrain from posting much about politics on this blog or on my Facebook page or other non-political forums. Some people have opinions that oppose my own views. They're entitled, but the vehemence with which they voice their opinions is awful. I choose not to incite those riots on on-line social forums.

I do have political opinions, and I do post comments about them where it's appropriate. There is a statewide political blog on which I have written comments and guest blog pieces. But always in a civil, respectful, manner. I choose to post in what I call "appropriate" places -- and not discuss politics on social media. To me, "social media" is for fun and friendship, not for challenging others to a war of words.

Life is short: be calm, civil, and choose where to say what in cyberspace.

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