Friday, August 27, 2010

Isn't This Sad?

One of my banking institutions included this image in a recent email that they sent out to market for new business. The message was about "back to school" and spending money at participating merchants that provide a small bonus to their banking customers (and probably more to the bank for advertising and promotion fees.)

Anyway, isn't this image sad? Two kids probably about 10 years old, each with their own expensive gizmo-gadgets, smiling away as they spend their parent's money on monthly fees to support those things? Truly, I find that quite sad.

Back in the day, a dime to call home if we were going to be late was all we needed. Mom and Dad knew where we were all the time, or there would be hell to pay. Today, parents give their kids all these techie toys that cost a lot of money each month in service fees.

Frankly, I was just as happy with two cans and a string.

Life is short: just ask... I am on a first-name basis with dinosaurs, Julius Caesar, and Plato (or is that Pliny the Elder?)

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