Friday, August 6, 2010

Can Civilians Wear Cop Boots?

There goes that Google again, driving someone with the question, "can civilians wear cop boots?" onto this blog and my website.

Answer: yes.

Is a person who is not a sworn peace officer wearing tall motorcycle patrol boots, like the 20 pairs of patrol boots that I have impersonating an officer?

Well, if he puts on a uniform with insignia and goes out in public wearing it, then he's close to that label. However, what he does while wearing a uniform is the decision-maker. If he attempts to pull someone over, speak to someone like a cop, threaten giving a citation, or something stupid like direct traffic or point a gun at someone, then yes: that's impersonation and penalties for doing that are severe.

But if you just pull on a pair of tall patrol boots with breeches but have no insignia, and if you don't speak like a cop or pretend to do things that cops do, then no, you're not impersonating an officer.

So bottom-line: yes, "civilians" can wear tall patrol boots. I do it all the time. So do thousands of other men who like the appearance, feel, design, and style of the boots.

If you're afraid someone might say something, then crawl back under a rock and put on your sneakers. Otherwise, boot-up and enjoy!

Life is short: wear boots you like to wear!


rolandtaylorjr said...

This is one reason why I would always wear blue jeans with my police/patrol boots...or any other boots for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, considering the alternatives, blue jeans are a wise choice with boots.
You'd look very silly wearing patrol boots or any other boots for that matter with bermuda shorts or a speedo out in public.
(unless you get some kinda strange kick outa that sort of thing)