Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thinning the Wesco Boot Collection

Wesco Redwood Boss BootsNote (added later): these boots have been sold and are not available

I have had this pair of Wesco Boss Boots since 1989. The color is different -- The West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco) calls it "Redwood." They are 20" tall (after sagging about an inch once they were broken in), and have a 16-1/2" calf circumference. I wore them while riding my Harley (and previous motorcycles), so shifter-scuffing on the right boot is noticeable.

I bought these boots directly from Wesco. At the time, Stompers wasn't open yet, and I did not know that you can get new Wesco Boots from a third-party retailer for significantly less money than from the dealer direct.

The boots are standard, or stock, in measurement. The foot size is 10D. They are not lined with leather, but the leather is very stiff and they stand up well. They have one buckle at the top, closed with a brass closure, and of course one buckle across the instep, which is traditional for an engineer-style boot.

I can pull them on with a struggle, and my regular 10D foot fits fine. The leg is where I have a problem. The calf circumference is too tight for me as my calf muscles have gotten a bit bigger as I have aged.

I have decided to sell sold these boots to someone who might just like a pair of biker-worn, attractive Redwood Wesco Boss Boots. Before I put them up on eBay, I'm announcing it here so in case anyone wants to make me a decent offer.

Life is short: continue the life of a long-lived pair of boots!

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