Sunday, August 8, 2010

Formal Summer Leather

These words do not always go together: "summer" and "leather". "Formal" and "leather" go better together... sometimes. Here's my take on both matters....

While I am definitely a cuirophile (a-ha, new word! But leathermen can figure that one out fast)... I recognize that leather is durable, looks good, and by design, it is warm. I mean, after all, it was the thick skin of a cow. (I know, leather is made from other animal hides, too, but let's not split hidehairs.)

When the weather outside is frightful... but not the snowy sort (pardon the lift from an old holiday tune)... temperatures in the 90s (over 32C), wearing any form of leatherwear on my legs and body can make me very uncomfortable. While the aroma of sweaty leather has some intoxicating prospects, passing out from heat stroke is not good. Not at all... so wearing full leather in the summer outdoors is not something I choose to do.

... except ... in the early morning before it becomes warm, when I may choose some of my nicest, "formal" leather, and completely leather up for some photos for my website. I think the background of fully-leafed trees is far better than the stark, leafless, cold background of a winter's day.

What makes "formal" leather? Usually, at least from my own observation, one can say that he is wearing "formal" leather when he has on leather pants that are clean and the leather is in its full lustre. A leather shirt, usually with long sleeves but perhaps with short sleeves, on the torso. A Muir Cap on the head, a Dress Leather Tie with a pair of well-shined black boots completes the outfit.

Must all "formal" leather be black? I dunno... this fashion-conscious "black-tie" stuff always throws me, since I am not the type of guy to wear a tuxedo. (Never have, never will.) I think good quality lustrous leather combined together, as shown here, can easily fit the bill of "dress leather."

Only downfall, this prince's date doesn't like going to the ball (don't go there... this is a G-rated blog!)... ahem... back to topic ... my partner detests going out. Thus, I can (and often do) dress in formal leather, but "going out" means to the back yard for some photos, then enjoying wearing leather indoors in cool comfort. ... until I have to go out. In which case, off come the leathers for a return to hanging them nicely in the gear closet... and on come the blue jeans and t-shirts with comfy boots, which are my customary summertime choices.

Life is short: enjoy leather!

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