Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you BLUF?

BLUF, the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub, has been around for quite a while. It is based in Europe, where guys seem to be more freely out and open in their leather gear. Most of them post pictures in their toughest, roughest leather. Grrrrr....

I have been a fan of breeches, leather, uniforms (and boots) for longer than the Internet has been around. I wear leather regularly when the weather is suitable, and not always when I am on my motorcycle.

BLUF has some of events and gatherings in Europe, which from what I read are rather, ahem... (not "G" rated!) While I have never attended nor plan to attend any of these events, they are interesting to read about. Heck, I will not attend any similar events here in the United States, but that is not because anything is wrong with the events or the guys who attend them. It's me... just old, settled, monogamously partnered me with a partner who cannot travel due to a disability, and the fact that I do not go anywhere without him (thus, we're bound to home). Further, I do not have the energy or stamina to attend such events which start late at night and last until dawn. I just can't handle it. In addition, I am "fiscally frugal," and don't want to shell out the bucks for a trip to Europe.

However, there's nothing quite like a good-lookin' guy decked out from boots to Muir Cap in full leather, featuring breeches and a leather jacket. This captivating image is of Leatherman Paul of Toronto, Canada, (BLUF member 211) whose image completely bespeaks what I am describing, and moreso. He's a hunk, isn't he? I am honoured to call him a friend. (Photo used with permission.)

Do you BLUF? I'm member #188 ... been a member for a long time. I just recently updated my profile and photos on that site, which has been long overdue.

Life is short: get in gear. Say, "woof!"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm member no.887. I've been along to a couple of their events at The Hoist and, while I don't doubt there's "G rated" stuff going on off in the back somewhere, it's hardly ubiquitous or compulsory. For the majority, the events seem to be about socialising in gear rather than sex on the premises.

Booted Harleydude said...

SJ: thanks for the comment. I used an American expression which was used in reverse in your comment. "G-rated" means "suitable for children". You know what "X-rated" means, which is what I was referring to.

Certainly I understand that BLUF events are primarily for socializing. However, from what I read on the BLUF board, there are some guys who find ways to have sex at such gatherings, and some of them are even promoted to have "play spaces" and "dungeons." That's what I was referring to. Glad you're back, thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The Hoist has play spaces, and plenty goes on there. My point is that that even if one disapproves of such things (and, generally speaking, I don't), their existence at BLUF events isn't, in and of itself, a reason for the monogamously partnered not to go. Sex is there for those who want it; it's not forced upon those who don't.

Similarly, one hardly has to stay 'til dawn. The times I've been, I've popped along with my partner, chatted to people for a couple of hours, admired the eye candy and left.

Booted Harleydude said...

SJ, thanks again for your second comment. Here in the States, "play spaces" are usually not allowed by law, so if sex goes on, anyone engaging can be arrested. I'm not saying that it doesn't, but it is much more clandestine and unadvertised.

Second, I am not a prude. I do not disapprove of guys having sex. All I am saying is that I choose not to have sex with anyone other than my partner. That's all.

Third, I guess I should say that my problem with any type of leather gathering is the time of night at which they are held. I am biorhythmically incompatible with staying awake past 21:00. Most of these things don't start until 22:00 and don't get crowded until after midnight. It just doesn't work for me -- the perpetual early-bird. That's my problem, not anyone else's.

Fourth, I admire that you say, I've popped along with my partner, chatted to people for a couple of hours... ah, how nice to have a partner who is sociable or doesn't mind your socialising. I love my best half, but his social skills and interests aren't there, period. My lovely #1 recluse. Again, my "problem," not anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

Heh. As I speak, I'm just back from RUT - not BLUF, but a Friday night at The Hoist with a pleasingly strict dress code. I decided to wear my green leather Polizei suit with nothing underneath and, as it turned out, I was one of the most heavily clothed people there. As usual!

But yes, we were almost three hours there. My partner quite liked it but, when we were ready to go, we were most certainly ready to go.

Booted Harleydude said...

SJ, thanks for the additional comment. I'm glad that you and your partner had a chance to get into your gear and go out to The Hoist which enforces a dress code for "RUT".

We have the DC Eagle, but most guys show up in shorts and sneakers (trainers). Leather is rare, if any. They do not have "strict leather" events any more. They wouldn't get enough customers to justify the cost of remaining open.

We also have once-a-month "CODE DC" which promotes itself to being a fetish-gear gathering, but they appeal to the younger set who are into jock uniforms and "leather lite".

If I calculated the time difference correctly, you wrote to me at 3:19am your time. I wish I had your stamina. No way could I stay awake that late.

I appreciate your sharing, as I enjoy reading about what other guys can do that we don't (no venue, lateness of the hour, and a partner who detests going out.)