Friday, July 30, 2010


I really like my new Retro Biker Chaps that I received recently, which were custom-made by 665 Leather of West Hollywood, California, USA.

The chaps came with four types of closures: a belt with a "665" buckle, a belt with a traditional D-ring buckle, a plain black band, and four snap-on D-rings that are closed with a long leather lace. Each of these closures snap onto the inside of each side of the upper part of the chaps at the waist onto two small snaps.

I guess that type of variable closure system is great for guys who wear the chaps to pose in. However, if you will wear them which actually riding a motorcycle, then the snaps that hold the front closures on are poorly made. The closure unsnaps much too easily. Swing your leg over the saddle of the bike, and you hear, "click," which is a snap unsnapping. Walk 20 paces and hear "click" again. Sit down or stand up... "click" ... "click". Before you know it, the front closure has come undone and the chaps open up/fall down.

I thought of returning the chaps to request better quality snaps. However, it took so long to get them in the first place, I was worried that it would take months again to get them fixed right. I thought of taking them to my favorite leather repair guy to request better snaps, but re-thought the whole matter.

How will I wear these chaps? With a belt. Will I wear any other of the closure options? No, not really. So I fixed the problem myself.

I permanently attached the belt closure ends onto each side of the front of the chaps with rivets. Yes: plain, ordinary, rivets. They work great. I rode my Harley with the chaps on and closed with the riveted belt, and they felt fine. Better yet, they didn't open as I swung my leg over the saddle, while I was riding, or when I dismounted.

Life is short: make adjustments that work for you and your style.

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